South Coast

The run of westerly swell continues to miss the South Coast, squandering clean and glassy conditions early. The wind is very light from the WNW and the swell is well lined up, but surf is still only 1′ at Middleton, with rollers between Day St. and Goolwa hitting the gutter and refusing to break most of the time. Waits and Parson’s again are the only options for shortboarders at 1 – 2′. The swell should lift a bit later today, but so too will the wind – tending W-SW, then SW at 20 knots by late morning. The cross-shore winds won’t effect it much initially, but after lunch it’ll get a bit bumpy as the breeze tends more onshore. It might get big enough for Middleton Point or the Bay by late arvo, but quality is not gonna be epic. Shred factor 5/10.



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