Mid Coast

The swell has lifted slightly on the Mid Coast overnight, in the wake of yesterday’s flatness. The wind is light from the SE, and there are a few 1′ waves on the reefs coming up to high tide just before 8am. It’s already looking fill and fat, and it’ll stay like that until the tide starts draining out after 9am. A few other spots may improve wit less water mid-morning as the swell lifts slightly, but low tide at lunch will expose a lot of reef and limit options mostly to the beach breaks of Trigs. Not long after, a fresh Southerly wind will kick in ( if not before ) and add chop to anywhere exposed. The southern end of South Port will offer some shelter. It looks like the breeze will stay up into the evening, but there’s always the chance of a land breeze cleaning it up again for a late paddle. Outlook for the next few days is in the latest surf forecast. Shred factor 5/10


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