Mid Coast

Conditions are clean on the Mid Coast early with light offshore East winds and small lines of swell. Just coming off high tide at 5:15am there are a few 1′ waves on some of the reefs, but not everywhere is picking it up. It’s also not very consistent, and about to get more so as the tide starts to ease. Low tide is just before 11am, and it’ll favour Trigs and the beach breaks. The incoming tide might offer a minor lift from about midday onwards, but it’s possible a sea breeze will kick in not long after that. If the wind gets up around 10 -15 knots from the SW as flagged, it’ll be a bit bumpy. High tide is at 4:40pm, and the breeze should kick back to the SE in the evening ( if it does go onshore after lunch ). Surf probably won’t top 1′ all day. Outlook for the rest of the week is in the updated surf forecast. Shred factor 4/10.


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