Mid Coast

The stormy weather of the last two days has eased, and the wind is back to a light Southerly on the Mid Coast this morning. The sea still looks pretty bumpy with surf around 2′ on the reefs, and the tide heading out. Low tide is around 1030, and low water will favor the beach breaks and Trigs. You’ll also get a grovel out at Seaford for the better part of the morning. The breeze should be light for the next few hours but it’s predicted to pick up again from the SW after lunch, maybe 17 knots or so. The wind will add a foot of chop but the swell has peaked, so bumpy surf in the 2′ range will probably be the result. High tide is at 1640, and it’ll get a bit slow after 4pm. There’s a change the wind may ease off slightly toward sunset, but mostly the surf will be wind affected all day. Shred factor 3/10.


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