South Coast

Strong WSW winds are hammering he SOuth Coast this morning, with gusts around 30 knots along open stretches. Surf is still a good 4 – 5′ at Middleton, and there are a few bigger bombs breaking off the Point down toward Cliffs and Goolwa. Surf is ranging from 2′ at The Dump to 3′ through Chiton / Gap, and the occasional 3 – 4′ slab hitting up the Knight’s / Boomer end. The BoM predicts winds will tend more SW – S at 25 – 30k knots, easing off slightly mid – late arvo but chopping up the sea a whole lot more. Sheltered spots may hold out a bit longer. Outlook heading into the weekend is in the latest surf forecast. Shred factor 5/10.


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