Mid Coast

The wind is very light on the Mid Coast early and condition s are clean but the breeze feels onshore. The swell has gone a bit more Westerly and there has been some 20 second period stuff on the Cape Du Coudiec buoy overnight. Sadly it hasn’t really converted to much in the gulf, and wave heights remain in the shin-high range. High tide is at 8am, and lower water mid-morning should reveal a few more lines and a bit more white water. Low tide at 2pm will favour the beach breaks but waves will probably only be a foot or so in size. The incoming tide will provide a minor lift, but it’ll come with fresh Southerly winds at 15 knots. Anywhere exposed will be a bit bumpy, and only the Southern end of South Port will offer some shelter. SE winds should return in the evening and clean it up a little toward sunset Outlook heading into the weekend is in the latest surf forecast. Shred factor 2/10


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