Mid Coast

East winds are fresh on the Mid Coast this morning with gusts up to 20 knots and ait temp only around 12 degrees. There’s next to zero swell and only tiny lines around half a foot getting blown even flatter by the wind. The tide is just peaking and will begin to head out after 7am. Not a lot will change over the next few hours, but the wind will start to back off mid-morning and might even become light and variable late morning. There’s a change of glassy conditions just before or at lunch, but most likely the breeze will pick up again from the SE after lunch. Low tide will expose a lot of reef, and the incoming tide unfortunately won’t deliver any miraculous lift in the swell. The grommies may get a few tiny peelers at South Port at lunch, but that’s about it. Outlook for the rest of the week is in the latest surf forecast. Shred factor 1/10


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