South Coast

The anticipated big swell has hit the South Coast and it’s solid this morning, but unfortunately, it’s also onshore. The wind is from the SSW at 10 knots, and everywhere looks a bit worse for wear. Surf is well over 6′ between Middleton and Goolwa, and there’s whitewater a long way out to sea. Middleton Bay is part sheltered but it’s just closing out most of the time. Plenty of the swell is hitting the Port Elliot / Victor stretch, but quality is no better there. There are 6′ sets at Chiton / Gap and bombs hitting Bullies and into the corner at Knight’s, but it’s too raw and nasty looking. The Dump is slightly less effected with 3′ waves, and you’ll even pick up a small longboard wave close to Victor if you’re patient. The wind won’t get much stronger today and may even go light and variable for a while. The swell has peaked but it will remain large all day. Check sheltered spots, and keep an eye out for a late glass-off. Shred factor 6/10.



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