South Coast

The wind is supposed to be E-NE on the South Coast this morning, but it’s light from the SW along the Middleton to Goolwa stretch. Conditions are slightly bumpy but there’s swell and waves around 2 – 3′ at Day St. The wind is ENE around the other side of Victor so Parson’s will probably be the best option for experienced surfers. The BoM predicts winds will swing SE during the morning, so everywhere from Waits to Goolwa will be lumpy by early arvo. The breeze does look like it might swing back to the NE again later. Bear in mind that although we are out of lockdown, travel restrictions still apply – a trip from Adelaide to the SOuth Coast may not be deemed “essential travel”… exercise or not. Maintain social distancing and use common sense. Check the updated surf forecast to see how the next few days are looking.


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